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Lil Angels Daycare

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Our aim at LIL ANGELS is to provide a warm, caring environment in which your child will be happy, secure and feel good about him/herself - where they can develop self confidence and explore and learn about their world - where they can accept challenges and develop new skills without fear or failure, and where through everyday experiences and play, learn to cope with the challenges that life presents.

Lil Angels are proud to offer our grade 1-3 cottage school homeschool option.
Impaq Cottage School with Homeschool Values
Monday to Friday from 7h30/8h00 – 12h45.
We offer the Impaq caps curriculum and smaller classes.

Our Times

Full Day Care from 6.30am to 6.00pm
Play group times from 8.30am to 12.30pm
¾ Day Care from 6.30am to 2.30pm


6 Weeks to 5 Years

Aftercare: Grade 1 to Grade 7


Each child is uniquely individual and deserving of an environment that promotes the growth of the whole child, physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually. Conducive to this growth is an environment that is safe, warm, loving, challenging and stimulating. These conditions encourage independence, respect for self and others, self esteem, self worth, co-operation, problem solving, individual choice and motivation to interact with the environment. Parents, being an integral part of a child's life, need to provide information about the child to promote a close relationship between themselves, the educator, and their child. Co-operation and open communication between school based childcare and the education system should promote the all round development of the child. Based on these beliefs, quality childcare is aimed at offering a child the maximum opportunities to grow and develop to their full potential.PARENTS PARTICIPATION

Parents are welcome at the centre at all times. We value parent's participation and involvement on a variety of levels. We look forward to having you involved in your child's centre. We encourage parents to speak to me about their child's/children's progress, or about any other concerns they may have. We believe that a lot of honest communication makes us all more comfortable and helps strong relationships to build, based on trust and co-operation. To underline the importance of this, we, have implemented a "Keep in Touch" book for each child. The book will be completed on a regular basis in order to convey observations, or any significant happenings in your child's stay - please do not hesitate to write in these books and pass on any comments that you wish to make.LOVE, LAUGH AND LEARN

Daycare Address: 21 Fairway Road, Table View
Aftercare Address: 23 Fairway Road, Table View