Montessori Nosipho

Montessori Nosipho

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We will be expanding to a Montessori Primary School in 2018

Ages: 18 months - 6 year
• Half day 7:30 - 12:30
• After care 7:30 - 14:30

At Montessori Nosipho we offer a safe, happy and stimulating learning experience. From arrival time to pick-up time our children experience the benefits of a fully equipped Montessori Classroom. True to the Montessori Method, we provide a unique and intimate atmosphere for children from toddler age through to 6 years. The school is set in the heart of the beautiful and secure suburb of Morningside Ext 40. It has a spacious classroom furnished with suitable child-sized furniture and shelves with original Montessori, educational activities.

Our spacious garden allows ample space for extra mural activities and free play. We believe that parents are an essential part in the Montessori Method and should be involved as much as possible in their child's educational process, so we make a point of involving and educating the parents about the Montessori method.

• Montessori Nosipho is a small, intimate nursery school. It is a home away from home environment where there is a feeling of 'family' in the classroom.

• Children are encouraged to work at their own pace.

• All teaching is done on a one on one basis where we follow the needs of each and every individual child.

At Montessori Nosipho we promote a healthy and green lifestyle for the children. We have an organic vegetable patch where the children are invited/taught to learn to water and care for plants, allowing them to share with their friends. As a school we believe in sharing what we have with those in need and encouraging children to learn to live responsibly in the world.


Additional Information

Contact Person 1: Chantelle Anderson

Cellphone 1: 072 719 0681