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Early Intervention

by on 15-10-2013 09:50AM in Specialised Therapy, Parenting Aid

Research has proven Early Intervention to be the best form of treatment for a range of disorders in children.

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“My autistic brother, written by a 10 year old”

by on 10-06-2013 10:58AM in Specialised Therapy, Special Needs

My 10 year old daughter was asked to write a letter on what Autism Awareness meant to her as her brother is autistic.

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by on 19-03-2013 12:03PM in Specialised Therapy

Explaining some fields of Therapy available to Parents

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Motor Development

by on 19-03-2013 10:47AM in Parenting Aid, Specialised Therapy

Educators and therapist often talk about motor development in children.

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