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We understand that choosing the right daycare is a difficult decision for parents. Knowing that we provide the finest childcare and education the outcome can be predicted. With confidence we say "visit us last".

Established in 2008 Crèche Care offers childcare for children aged 2 to 5 years old. We are situated in a safe environment and very accessible by main roads. Even convenient for parents who must make use of public transport.

We offer:

• Secure and enclosed environment
• Creative activities on a daily basis
• Morning prayer
• Constant supervision plus CCTV
• Outdoor equipment
• We are open during school holidays
• Registered with authorities
• All children are educated according to the suitable level for their age group and their own ability.

Potty Training Groups
The success of the efforts by the child minders are astonishing and guaranteed if the parents co-operate over weekends.

Breakfast is served until 08H30. A balanced cooked lunch is served every day at 12H30.

Premises are monitored by CCTV for record purposes. Should a child be collected by someone else on behalf of the parents the daycare centre must be informed well in advance. Positive identification of the person acting on behalf of the parents is necessary to ensure that the child is handed over to the intended person.

Operating Hours:
We are open Monday to Thursday from 06H45 until 18H00 and Friday 06H45 until 17H30.

Please do not bring sick children or children with contagious illnesses to the daycare centre as it is unfair to both the sick child and the other children and staff. We will however only administer medicine to a child for minor ailments according to the written instructions given by the parents on the applicable "medicine chart".

Open door policy:
We follow an open door policy for parents. They are welcome to visit us at any time should they wish. All other visitors will only be seen by appointment.

Our daycare center is based on Christian principles. Every day starts with assembly when children are introduced to the Word of God.

Toddlers in training
Educarers plan the week ahead by using lesson plans which needs to be approved by the principal. Different themes are covered and the curriculum of the formal school is adjusted and then applied in our class rooms.
Evaluation of the child's progress is done and progress rapports are completed for parent-teachers meetings.

We have :

• Children from many different cultures and backgrounds
• Children who speak many different home languages
• Children from many foreigners

No printed word
Nor spoken plea
Can teach young
hearts what men
should be.
Not all the books
On all the shelves
But what the
Teachers are

"Fulfilling a great dream means having a great team."

We believe:

• All children are unique and special and should be treated with respect and dignity
• All children should be treated as individuals
• Differences in culture, race, colour, religion and language should be celebrated
• Parents play a vital role in their child's development and learning
• We should work in partnership with the parents
• All people should be treated with respect and valued for who they are
• Our daycare centers should reflect the values of the local and wider community
• Effective learning can only take place in a controlled and disciplined environment