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Hapidays is a privately owned and funded bilingual daycare, Registered as an Early Childhood Development Centre with a license for 45 children.

The daycare caters for babies from three month to children aged four-turning-five years. It is a clean, safe, educational and caring environment for children and provides a valuable and essential childcare service to parents who either live or work within or near the Stellenberg area.

Times: Mon- Friday 7am - 5:30pm

Hapidays operates from a residential property in Stellenberg with a Business License, located only a short distance from the N1, Durbanville, Bellville, Tygervalley and the Tygerfalls Waterfront. Our surrounding areas are: Stellenryk, Ridgeworth, Rosendal, Amanda Glen, Eversdal and Vredekloof.

The business has been in operation as a private daycare for the local community since 2006, and in its present undertaking (as Hapidays) since 1st July 2010.

Hapidays has the luxury of offering small class sizes and two secure outside play areas. The daycare has three large classrooms with an average class-size of 15 children – a large enclosed courtyard for the Orange class and a spacious play gym area with artificial grass for our Red class.

Classes are run by a qualified Senior Teachers and at least one Teachers Assistant. Should the baby’s class exceed 12 babies; a second Teachers Assistant will be appointed. A minimum of two staff members are First Aid qualified.

There is a single-entry access/exit point to and from the premises via a keypad-controlled security gate to the front of the property. Parents are provided with a 4-digit confidential entry code that is changed at the beginning of each term. The property has a comprehensive alarm system, inside and out, with internal panic buttons and 24 hour ADT Security patrol. Other than registered parents and visitors, with a prior-arranged appointment with management, no person is permitted to enter the premises.

We have a full time Housekeeper. Each classroom and all washable toys are thoroughly cleaned on a daily basis. All machine-washable clothing or fabric materials provided by Hapidays are washed on a regular basis on site. Bedding supplied by parents is sent home with parents every second Friday for cleaning and returning. The daycare also adopts a bi-annual Pest Control Progamme to ensure that any risk of potential and unwanted “guests” is eliminated.

We outsource our main meal requirements to professional caterers who deliver freshly prepared, nutritious lunchtime meals daily. The daycare is also issued with a Certificate of Acceptability For Food Preparation from the City of Cape Town Environmental Health Department. Breakfast, snacks and refreshments are prepared on site.

The business endeavours to operate a largely paperless system of communication (wherever possible) with parents via email to provide regular, and often instant, information regarding all operational and newsworthy aspects pertaining to the school.


Additional Information

Contact Person 1: Megan

Cellphone 1: 073 644 1745