Chameleon Preschool Kenwyn Campus

Chameleon Preschool Kenwyn Campus

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Chameleon Kenwyn is an Early Childhood Development Centre which was established in 1995 and was formerly known as ABC Creché. We are now an Inclusive and diverse school, with a daily program that supports each learner’s milestones. We have the best of all the world’s learning tools, uniquely wrapped up and presented to each child in the way they learn best. Our staff are constantly evolving and self-developing, to provide our children with the best activities.

Chameleon Kenwyn


We are a school, as a school should be, providing a soft spot for our parents to fall, and a service for your child/ren from 3months – 6years old. We have trained staff offering facilitation and teaching for children with special needs or have barriers to learning as well as mainstream learners.  We are open throughout the year, we do however close our doors during the December Holidays.

We offer Aftercare and Holiday Care services. Our Holiday Care programmes’ are filled with fun and creative activities for all ages.

Chameleon Preschool Kenwyn

Chameleon Preschool and Educare  is an Early Childhood development Centre that’s focus is on developing children holistically and making sure that they are not only equipped for formal schooling but their futures outside of the school environment.
Our focus is on quality teaching and learning.

Chameleon Preschool and Educare provides Excellent Facilities, resource filled classrooms, two warm nutritious meals a day (breakfast and lunch), qualified teachers, external services on premises (Soccer, Ballet, Tee Ball). We have a Speech therapist, Physiotherapist and Occupational therapist who work on site with our learners who require the extra support.


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