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Assisting mommies countrywide with efficient submission of UIF claims

Storks Nest UIF was born from our deep understanding of the struggles mommies face when dealing with maternity benefit claims.

We saw the frustration of balancing the joy of having a baby with the hassle of paperwork and queues.

Too many mommies were getting stuck in bureaucratic red tape, missing out on precious moments with their little ones. That's where we stepped in.

At Storks Nest UIF, we're all about giving moms the time to bond with their babies without the stress of maternity claims paperwork.

Our mission is simple: handle the UIF maternity benefit processes so mommies can focus on what really matters – their baby's happiness.

With us, mommies can relax knowing their claims are in good hands. We're here to empower mommies, fighting for their rights and ensuring they get the support they need.

From providing and assisting in completing the paperwork to pushing for quick processing of payments.

We are dedicated to making the maternity benefit process a smooth  one.

We're mommy's steadfast ally, making sure they can put their babies first while we handle their claims.