Chameleon Preschool Athlone Campus

Chameleon Preschool Athlone Campus

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Chameleon Athlone, formally known as Toddler’s College was established in 1986 by Mrs. Nazli Salie and bought by Delia Cupido in June 2012. Since then the school has been an Inclusive and diverse environment.

Chameleon Athlone is a home away from home which provides the children with a wonderful, relaxed and stress- free (informal) way of learning. We are incredibly family orientated, believe in the benefits of parent participation and therefore value building relationships with our parents. This provides a solid base for all adults involved in a child’s life to communicate openly, honestly and effectively. We are an all-inclusive Early Childhood Development Centre geared towards nurturing and developing well-rounded personalities.

We accept children from the age of 3months – 6years old. We provide a holiday care program for all the school holidays, our holiday programme is filled with fun and creative activities to make your child’s school holiday memorable. Chameleon Preschool and Educare is open for enrolments and learning throughout the year, we do however close our doors for the December Holidays.

Chameleon Preschool and Educare provides Excellent Facilities, resource filled classrooms, two warm nutritious meals a day (breakfast and lunch), qualified teachers, external services on premises (Soccer, Ballet, Tee Ball). We have a Speech therapist, Physiotherapist and Occupational therapist who work on site with our learners who require the extra support.

We are focused on the Holistic growth of each child in our care and offer individual learning programmes that focuses on the strengths of each child and their preferred learning style.

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