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A sport enhancement and development coaching programme for children two and a half years and older.

We offer

Private coaching
School coaching
Birthday parties
Holiday clinics

What yor child learns

Your children will develop the following skills:

Sportsmanship and Leadership
Learning to be part of a team, encouraging and helping team members and developing an even temperament, "winning isn't everything!"

Trying new things without a fear of failure or rejection - always trying your best, that's good enough. Socialising with other children.

Leaving their parents to come and play and accepting that mom and dad do not always have to stay and watch. Decision making skills.

Concentration and Listening Skills
Learning to concentrate on a task for increasing periods of time.
Following instructions and responding discipline.

Large Muscle Co-ordination
Developing hand-eye and foot-eye co-ordination, balance and movement.
Establishing dominance, crossing the midline, special perception, agility and strength.

We focus on the following team sports:
Hockey, Soccer, Baseball, Cricket, Netball, Rugby, Tennis

Busyballers Parties

Looking for entertainment at your child's birthday party?

Busyballers provides fun obstacle courses, games and races for children 3yrs and older. Our parties are 2 hours long and will keep your little ones busy and most importantly having fun throughout. KIDS LOVE IT AND PARENTS DO TOO!

The venue is up to you...it can be at your house, local sports club or any venue which you wish to hire. 

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