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**Studio in Durbanville, Classes in West Coast, Northern Surburbs as well as Stellenbosch**


Musical movement introduce children to language. Language enter the brain through several pathways and first and second language acquisition is facilitated.

Young children are not always in control of their movements. Musical movements assist children to demonstrate self-control as they have to think about how and when they move their bodies and voices to the music.

Crossing of the midline is encouraged in our music classes. This is the ability to move one hand or foot into the space of the other hand and foot.  This is an essential skill for left-right orientation needed for reading and writing.

Music is associated with fun and good times and therefor enhances the development of social, language and motor skills in a relaxed and non-threatening way.

Music provides an outlet for creativity, self-expression and uniqueness.

Being exposed to musical activities, increases sensitivity and gives a child the opportunity to interact with other children in a creative, non-threatening environment.

Music is one the most powerful and profound symbol systems that exist.

Children, who grow up listening to music, have strong music-related pathways that transport information.

Music is about communication, creativity and cooperation. When children participate in music and movement classes they have the opportunity to build on these skills, enriching their lives and experiencing the world from a different perspective.

There are significant decreases in anxiety, depression and loneliness following participation in musical activities. These are factors that are critical in coping with stress, stimulating the immune system and in improving health.