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Based on our Christian beliefs, our purpose is to meet, to the best of our ability, your child's basic needs (Social, intellectual, physical and emotional) with love, integrity, hard work and self-discipline. ZooZoo Land is a haven where your child will feel loved, safe, and content and will have loads of FUN.

We provide a nurtured environment where your child can build a foundation for continued learning. A feeling of self worth is one of the greatest attributes that you can give a child. Your child will be taught how to make good choices, display good manners, and work independently as well as in a group, to take responsibility, to share and to respect.
• We are open from 06:00 to 18:00.

• We close +/- the 15th of December till the 10th of January each year.

• Closed on Public Holidays

• Open door policies – come and visit your child whenever you like.

• Our teachers are well trained.

• We have a speech therapist that is available during school hours for assessments.

• We offer Extra Murals at an additional cost.

• We assist in growth chart monitoring.

• Progress reports – twice yearly.

• Your child will only be released to those individuals stipulated by you, with positive

• Background checks are done on all our employees.

Baby care: (Newborn – 18 Months)

Your baby is provided with dedicated care and attention.

We allow a maximum of 8 babies per room, in order to minimize the risk of infections but maximise the attention per child.

Toddlers: (18 Months – 3 Years)

In this class, we focus on potty training (not forced).
The children get taken to the toilets every 30min.

Age appropriate stimulation is done daily. We try and make it as much fun as possible.

Children: (3 Years – 5 Years)

Now we start to do more intensive learning, still with the focus on FUN.

We focus more on education and stimulating their little brains, since it is like a sponge that can’t get enough information.