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Waterfinatics is a swim school that puts the emphasis on making learning to swim FUN! We start teaching from 6 months all the way to stroke technique!

Babyswim 6 - 24 months

Babyswim is a fantastic way for mommy and baby to learn to swim together. Baby needs mommy close by to communicate that water is fun and that the environment is safe, leaving baby free to happily explore and experience the water. It also deepens the bond between mommy and baby! Babyswim is a wonderful way to spend quality time with your baby - at the same time beginning baby on the road to a happy and safe swimming life!!

Todswim 24 - 36 months

Each lesson is structured to teach them essential water safety techniques as well as have lots of fun in the water with their teacher. All the while learning learning learning!
Praise has them repeat actions that had them receive that praise and with repetition comes perfection of their skill!

Nothing beats seeing the look on your toddlers face when they realise they have just swum on their own for the very first time! That is also why we encourage parents to sit pool side and watch their toddlers lessons and praise their attempts!

Learn to swim 36 months and up

Once a child can swim from one side of the pool to the other and is water safe - we like to introduce formal strokes. Children thrive on learning new skills and we believe that praise is an important aspect of learning. We teach our kids all 4 strokes.

Learn to Swim is a great environment to have them feel comfortable and confident in the water and prepares them for swimming at school.

Even if your child already does swimming at school but wants to perform better to qualify for team swimming or squads or is a little nervous about swimming at school - Learn to Swim is a great environment to have them feel comfortable and confident in the water!

'Twice a year we do a water safety drill with the kids, teaching them how to cope with possible accidents around the pool'


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Cellphone 1: 084 919 5069