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A salon with peace of mind

Our name Urban Cocoon has been inspired by the brilliance of pure nature.

You deserve to “Be Reborn” like a butterfly while enjoying the sanctuary of our Cocoon, escaping the stressful pollution that is city life.

Our healing hands assist to re-balance emotion and promote your natural beauty.  You are invited to be that butterfly; rested, rejuvenated and beautiful.​

Spacious but welcoming open plan salon

Nail Bar
Using only the best Bio Sculpture Gel and
OPI Polishes

Spray Tan Booth
Get a golden glow with non of the sun
damage effects

The Brow Dr
Working with you to achieve a beautiful shape.

Enhance your lashes.  Why not enjoy a Pedicure
or Manicure during your lashes appointment


Urban Cocoon is a Child Friendly Salon and offer a FREE babysitting service during your treatment.

Mothers deserve time to recharge and feel beautiful again.  It’s rewarding but hard being a Mom 24/7.   Let us help!

​We offer a free babysitting service during your treatment time at Urban Cocoon Beauty.

Your little angel will be in good hands with our nanny.  Child play area has a big selection of entertainment toys, books, DVDs, sing along CDs and much more for your little one to enjoy. During winter the play area is heated.

We have a camera system display screen in the treatment room, so you can see your little one is safe.

You will know what your little one wants but here is a little suggestion of items:

Please have a bag with all your little ones essentials i.e.

♦ nappy changings items

♦ extra clothes

♦ snacks/feeds (if needed)

♦ soothing blanket/toys etc

​Babysitting service booking is essential.

We look forward to pampering you soon!


Additional Information

Cellphone 1: 071 352 0907