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Welcome to The Vine School

The Vine School is an independent Christian school, located in the Southern Suburbs. Since 2012, we have been affiliated with Ambleside Schools International, training and equipping parents, teachers and educational leaders in the Ambleside method of education. 
Our approach
Based on the teachings of Christian author and educator Charlotte Mason, the Ambleside method is a coherent philosophy and practice of education that embraces children as whole persons to be nurtured and cultivated. The fact that children are persons, not products, affects everything we do.  It influences the kind of atmosphere we cultivate;  it shapes the way we carry out discipline; it impacts the way we present ideas to our students. All of these things are done with excellence, and with patience, kindness and respect, because we are dealing with persons, made in the image of a personal God.

Our responsibility
We are committed to being a warm, inviting community where every day is a day of discovery. Using an international curriculum, the books and art and music that our students encounter are of the highest quality, full of living ideas that challenge and inspire. We give them opportunity to meet mind to mind with some of the greatest writers, poets, musicians, mathematicians, inventors, explorers and artists the world has ever known.

Our academic program is outstanding. It is rigorous with depth and breadth and variety. In keeping with best practice in world-class school systems, we minimise homework and assessments and maximise inspirational learning. Our children are challenged to observe closely and to think clearly. They are prepared for success at High School and for life.The Vine School is a place where the whole person is nurtured, where students become young men and women of excellent character, strong in faith and compassionate towards others. 

This requires training of both the heart and the mind. Our teachers give focused attention to forming strong work habits and developing character. Our classes are small so that teachers can form personal, caring relationships with every student. We allow no more than 16 students per class.
In addition to intellectual, aesthetic and spiritual growth, we encourage physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Although we enjoy competitive games, more time is given to fitness, agility, skills and the sheer enjoyment of fun-filled, action-packed games. Running, jumping, balancing, obstacle courses, ball games, playing fair and good sportsmanship are practiced, by every child, every week, without fail. Parents also appreciate our strict policy on healthy lunchboxes; fast foods, sweets and sugary drinks are not allowed at all.

Our vision
Our focus is growth, both for our children and for our school. We are growing fast, and our plans include establishing a separate Preschool and eventually a High School as well. We will not become a large school but would rather plant several small schools. This is the best way to preserve our sense of family and avoid the alienating effects of a large institution.
Since we began, we have inspired the start-up of two more schools committed to the same life-giving, transforming approach. Our desire is to be part of a movement towards regeneration of education, for the sake of our children and the benefit of South Africa.

I’m interested – what next?
Choosing the right primary school for your child is one of the most important decisions you will ever make.  The ideas, habits and values established in the early years will influence the whole of your child’s life. At the Vine School, we believe education is about preparing children to live life well. It’s about hard work and always doing your best, it’s about cultivating an abiding love and understanding of God, about relating well, and feeding the thirst for knowledge that exists in the heart of every child. If this vision for education resonates with you, please contact us by phone or email, view our website, or come and visit the school in person.