The Park on 8th Pre-Primary

The Park on 8th Pre-Primary

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Looking for a great school for your little one?

Then come and view our facilities at The Park, where playing, learning and belonging are the order of the day!

School hours are from 7h00 to 17h30 during the school term and 7h30 to 17h00 during holiday care.

The Park on 8th Pre-primary was established in 1994 at 81 Elizabeth Avenue in Parkmore, SANDTON, and relocated to beautiful new premises at 134 Eighth Street, PARKMORE, SANDTON in 2009.

About us
Our ethos of playing, learning and belonging ensures that each child receives nurturing and stimulating care. Our emphasis on play ensures that the necessary developmental milestones and pre-skills are acquired through fun learning programmes. We cater for children aged 18 months to 5 years (Grade 00).

Our fully qualified teachers prepare daily programmes to meet the cognitive, physical, emotional and social needs of each child. The daily programmes are designed around the learning outcomes of the National Curriculum as well as being based on developmental norms. The focus is on learning through play, using the latest equipment and facilities. The children are assessed each term with feedback given via parent-teacher meetings and progress reports.

The toddlers (18 months to 36 months) also partake in structured, fun-filled, daily activities which ensures their developmental needs are met in a holistic manner. Potty training also forms part of the programme for this age group.

The daily programmes include the following activities: gross-motor movement; singing; dancing; dramatisation; playing percussion instruments; language stimulation groups; science and technology; and numeracy and literacy perceptual activities. Construction, fantasy play, and perceptual games are also included in the morning programme. The children also take part in creative activities each day such as modelling, painting, anti-waste construction, play dough manipulation, baking, cutting, drawing, threading, collaging and more.

The variety of activities on offer, as well as our small class sizes, ensure the continual, holistic development of each child.
Extramural activities on offer include Ballet, Gardening, Gymkids, Soccer Starz, Computers, Kindermusik, Rugby, Phuzzie Sportz, Hip-Hop, Yoga and Karate. 

Entertainers are booked on a termly basis to give shows and demonstrations at the school.

Two snacks as well as a hot lunch are available daily. Aftercare and holiday care are also available throughout the school year.

We are a member of the Independent Schools Association of Southern Africa, and were IQQA'ed in 2012, guaranteeing you a high quality product and service. We are also registered with the Department of Environmental Health and Social Services.