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Table View Preschool

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Table View Preschool and Creche
We inspire learning through fun, hands-on experiences, harnessing and encouraging each child’s natural curiosity and excitement about the world. 
A child’s brain develops more and faster in the first five years of their life than at any other stage. They take in everything around them, constantly learning and growing from their experiences. From using their bodies to crawl, run and jump to understanding the world through their five senses, their unique experiences are forming their view of the world and their individual personalities. 
We support this important and exciting development through allowing children to explore, discover and play in a safe environment with professional guidance from our loving carers. 

We accept children aged 3 months - 5 years and offer aftercare for children aged 6-13 years. 

Why choose us? 
1. Loving care and individual attention for your child 
2. Inspiring little minds to build our future together 
3. Discovering the world through guided play
4. A learning environment backed by research 
5. Creating a safe and stimulating home away from home 
6. Instilling healthy habits through a balanced routine 
7. Flexible childcare to suit your daily routine 
We would love to meet you in person and give you a chance to see our facilities, connect with our teachers and hear about our learner-centred approach. To book a visit go to, contact our principal on 060 568 2721 or e-mail her at