Singing Forest Montessori

Singing Forest Montessori

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Singing Forest Montessori


Estd in 2008, our team of excellent Montessori directresses cherishes each child to ensure they have a happy ‘home from home’ experience. 

A true Montessori school, we follow the sensitive periods of the child and capitalise on their curiosity in order to ensure that holistic development takes place. 

In laying a solid foundation for their primary schooling, we work together with parents to facilitate the unlocking of each child’s full potential.

Accepting from ages 1-6 years.
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07h00 to 12.00 for 12.30 (Toddlers only)
07h00 to 13.00 for 13.30 (All)
07h00 to 14h30 for 15h00 (All)
07h00 to 16h30 for 17h00 or 17h30 depending (All)


Morning and afternoon snack
Cooked lunch
Crudite salad

-Buzzibodies gross motor development program
-Conversational Zulu

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Singing Forest Montessori


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Contact Person 1: Tammi

Contact Person 2: Heather

Cellphone 1: 082 770 4059

Cellphone 2: 082 529 7005