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Welcome to Sandton Montessori Pre-School

We, the owners of Sandton Montessori Pre-School are determined to make your child feel as if they are at their second home when they come to our school on a daily basis.

As you will notice by reading this site, we are committed to caring and nurturing your child, and so allowing their own true inner masterpiece to evolve naturally.

When a child comes to Sandton Montessori Pre-School, they discover a world of opportunity that literally opens doors for them in their lives and futures. Our door is always open and so we invite you to come on in......... share in this beautiful experience with us.

We started Sandton Montessori Preschool in 2007 out of our love for teaching children. We are currently based in the very peaceful suburb of Sandown, in the heart of Sandton catering for a maximum of 70 learners. One of our core attributes is that we give individual attention, and so provide each child with what they need, allowing them to grow and develop to their full potential.

The extremely high standards of education for each individual child are the focus of all at Sandton Montessori Pre School. We implement the Montessori philosophy in our tranquil and unique environment whilst honouring our commitment to providing a well rounded education with varied extra mural activities. It is this basic tenet that establishes a solid foundation for each child ensuring a lifetime of creative thinking and learning, as well as developing their personalities and guiding them to becoming respected citizens of the world.

All our teachers are Montessori qualified; two of these possessing grade R qualifications. All our teachers are fulll members of the Montessori Foundation and registered members of the South African Council of Educators (S.A.C.E). Our teachers are vastly experienced as teachers for many years and together with their four assistants, are all trained in Child First Aid, with continual advancement courses being done annually.

The directresses and assistants are inspired and motivated by the same love and respect that Maria Montessori showed towards children. In this true spirit of Montessori values, we strive to meet the individual needs of each child entrusted in our care, helping them to develop the habits, skills and attitudes that will ultimately shape their future and enrich their lives forever. We teach core values like respect for self, respect for others and the environment, kindness, tolerance and confidence.

We appreciate that each learner is unique and are at different stages of development, so our objective is to not to compare their abilities with one another, but observe their interests and build individualized lesson plans around them.

Sandton Montessori Pre-School is a multi cultural private school and a full member of South African Montessori Association (SAMA) since our inception. Our school is fully compliant with all health, hygiene and fire and safety regulations.

We are open to children irrespective of race, colour or creed and those experiencing barriers to learning are considered for enrolment, dependent upon the schools ability to deal with those specific needs. Our motto is to honour the child and to aid their individual growth, bringing them into the life that is their right.

"The secret of good teaching is to regard the childs intelligence as a fertile field in which seeds may be sown to grow under the heat of flaming imagination - Maria Montessori"