Rainbow Kiddies Nursery School

Rainbow Kiddies Nursery School

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Age 1 Year - 6 years

Rainbow Kiddies Montessori  school opens with a lovely breakfast for all kids, we also offer different healthy menus everyday for lunch, followed by awesome snacks in the course of the day. 

We have highly qualified teachers and care- givers on board. We are a state of the art school, with excellent facilities equivalent to international standards.

Opening hours are from 7:00am to 5:30 PM from Monday to Friday. 

As a school that has researched and employed teaching methods from around the world, we strive to ensure that the children who attend our school receive the best of what we have to offer every day.

Our values include:

•    Developing independence 
•    Nurturing each child as in individual
•    Creating confident, self-sufficient children
•    Creating a love for learning
•    Ensuring authentic learning takes place

*Valuing Diversity and priding our selves on a multi-cultural diverse environment

 Limited spaces available!!