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    South Africa
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About Race World 

We are a family passionate about slot car racing and decided to turn our hobby into a family adventure. With over 20 years of slot car racing experience we embarked on designing and building our very own commercial track. The track is 51.65 meters long, six lanes wide and boasts 300 meters of raceway. Making it the biggest track in South Africa. 

Slot car racing has been around since 1912 and has for many years brought young and old together. In this technology driven era we are aiming to create a space for families to come together in a sporting nature. 

We offer a variety of events at the raceway from kids parties, bachelor parties, corporate events, team building, casual racing as well as a members club.

View our online shop here: https://raceworld.co.za/shop/  


Our “Party Track” has six lanes therefore we divide the party into groups of sixes. 

While the first group races the remaining group/s assist with marshalling the track which is putting errant cars back on the track. Kids have just as much fun marshalling as they do racing and are fully occupied the whole time.  

Your party time will be dependant on the number of children/parents partaking in the party. 

We have a tuck shop style coffee shop where parents can also relax. We do really encourage parents to race along with the kids. Its great fun! 

All parties include racing cars and hand controllers. The races are time kept and the top 3 racers will be awarded medals/pins. ( We can also provide race medals/pin for all the participants. See party extras ) 

We Recommend:  

12 participants 

1 hour racing time 

1 hour at the Refuel party station 

18 participants 

1hr and 30 minutes racing 

1hr at the refuel pary station 

We are more than happy to host your party with less than 12 participants. Please email your request to us and we will get back to you with the relevant information.