Playdayle Pre-Primary and Educare

Playdayle Pre-Primary and Educare

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Playdayle is a relatively small school, thus allowing our staff to provide quality care and individual attention to our children.  Our pre-primary teaching staff are all Degree or Diploma Qualified in Foundation Phase Education.  We continually strive to provide an exceptionally high standard of education, while keeping abreast of innovative technology and advancements in the education sector.   
Simultaneously, we recognise the importance of the holistic development of the child.  Our aim is that every child who attends Playdayle will be encouraged to be developed in the Spiritual, Emotional, Physical and Academic areas of their lives.  Most important of all is that every child who attends Playdayle will leave with a healthy self-image and the assurance that he or she is unique and very much loved.  Religious Instruction forms an important part of our daily activities with a strong emphasis on providing our children with a loving Christian environment where they can thrive as little people in every facet of their development.  Preschoolers will have the opportunity to attend a Children’s Church service each week during the academic term.

We recognise the need for quality childcare and peace of mind for working parents, and thus provide you with the option to enrol your child on a half-day or full day basis as well as offering extended hours of operation from 07:00 to 17:30.  All full day children are provided with an afternoon sandwich or healthy snack.

Ages: 1 year to Grade R

Unlike most schools, we are open for 4 weeks of the school holidays, inclusive of your monthly school fee.  During this period, we also offer an exciting holiday programme to older siblings up to Grade 3 on a casual basis.


Each class works according to weekly themes, utilising modern teaching methodologies in our School Readiness Programme, with the most current RNCS (Revised National Curriculum Statement) and CAP learning techniques as our reference point.   
We recognise that much of the child’s learning takes place through incidental learning, play and interactive activities and thus have broadened the learning experience outside of the classroom.  Our teaching methods combine the best of the more structured educational techniques as well as encouraging more independent learning while utilising various methods characterized by an emphasis on independence, freedom within limits, and respect for a child’s natural psychological, physical, and social development.  We extend the classroom into the broader community by ensuring our children go on regular Educational Outings.   
Our learners are encouraged to participate in Speech through “Show-and-tell”; Drama and Movement are extensively used in the classroom; Teamwork and Technical Skills are re-enforced through Group Projects; Logical and Lateral Thinking are encouraged through classroom and outdoor Projects and Experiments; Entrepreneurial Skills are taught through the introduction of E.M.S. (Economic Management Science) and of course Creativity through daily Art and Craft activities.
At Playdayle a lot of emphasis is placed on the Creative Arts with Music, Drama and Dance forming an integral part of our curriculum. To further support the importance of Cultural and Creative Development in children, we offer Ballet and Speech & Drama as extra-murals at our premises.   
To encourage Physical Development we offer Gymnastics as well as Sporting Academy where children are taught the techniques and rules of specific ball sports such as cricket, soccer and softball.  We also have a well-equipped playground providing numerous opportunities to every child to develop gross motor dexterity.  
We encourage Social Responsibility in our children through their participation in a number of charities and community programmes.  Each year Playdayle adopts an impoverished preschool in our local community which our children support by donating toys, books and clothes to.  We also teach and encourage our children to take care of the environment by planting trees and recycling paper and waste. More recently we have introduced “Manners 4 Minors” as an extramural at Playdayle. 

Playdayle is within close proximity to Bergvliet, Meadowridge, Diep River, Plumstead and Constantia.

Should you be interested in viewing our school, please don’t hesitate to contact the principal to schedule an appointment.  For more information find us on FACEBOOK under Playdayle Pre-primary School