Pixie Wonderland

Pixie Wonderland

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  • Our times are: 07h00 to 17h30 Monday to Friday

  • We cater to children from ages 12 months to 5 years

  • We offer a half day program until 2pm as well as a full day programme

 Why choose Wonderland?
  • Our teachers are equipped to enhance the child’s total development.

  • We provide an exciting, spacious and pleasant environment in which to learn. We have expansive, shady playgrounds and an extensive jungle gym and sand pit set area.

  • Our teaching is organised around weekly multi- cultural themes and is developmentally appropriate to your child's physical, cognitive, social and language development.

  • Our activities are geared towards developing the skills needed for school readiness.

  • Classes participate in regular outings.

  • A specialist music teacher teaches vital musical concepts to the children once a week (incl. in fees)

  • Ballet classes, speech and drama, Monkeynastics(on the premises)

  • We communicate with parents throughout the year and issue a comprehensive report at year - end.

  • Most importantly, we live by the motto, “children first.”

Our aim is to empower the children -

  • to think for themselves;

  • to have a positive self image;

  • to listen, share and take turns;

  • to concentrate, plan and create;

  • to have confidence in their abilities;

  • to treat others as they would like to be treated;

  • to have a balanced positive state of mind;

  • to control their emotions;

  • to acknowledge an inner spirituality;

  • to identify, understand and resolve problems