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Oakview Academy

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A very warm welcome to Oakview Academy.

The school was purpose-built in 1990. In 2020 we celebrate the schools 30th year anniversary. 
Formerly known as Bizzy Kids Early Development and Learning Academy, We are now known as Oakview Academy.  We are a registered and established facility, providing children in the Pre-Primary phase of development an opportunity to discover the world around them through freedom of thought, speech, fun, play, education and challenging stimulation within a structured environment, and providing children in the Primary School phase high-quality education under optimal conditions. 

In order to promote this optimal education, we believe it prudent to keep the class sizes within reasonable manageable parameters in the various development and grade phases, and therefore our class sizes are small.   Our classes are led by a wonderful team of qualified and experienced teachers, who are hands-on, believe in building close relationships with each child and who work closely with each child within the mainstream curriculum for learners to achieve the expected competencies in the core academic skills of each development phase and grade. 

We pride ourselves on offering an exciting, stimulating and educational experience for your child through the course of a balanced day.

Curriculum happens all day, in every routine, as we nurture the children’s social-emotional, cognitive and physical growth through a wonderful combination of play and a program that is developmentally age appropriate.  

We invite you to take the next steps in your child’s bright future.  

Why choose us

The Pre-Primary Section of our school currently caters for children between the ages of 16 months and 6 years old.

Based on ongoing requests from our parents to extend to Primary School, we are proud to announce that we will begin with Grade 1 as of the beginning of 2021. Thereafter, we will introduce higher grades annually until we reach Grade 7.

Our teachers possess a contagious enthusiasm, and their warmth, creativity and drive make them great educators. 

We believe in a nurturing hands-on approach and our teacher's commitment to childhood education and development is evident.

Our Curriculum consists of a new theme each week, and the activities will vary depending on weekly themes. Our focus will be on development through age-appropriate activities that are fun, educational, skill-building and uplifting.

Our chef at school will provide:-


We start our day with a nourishing, delicious hot porridge. 


A healthy cooked lunch Monday to Thursday and on Friday the children enjoy hot dogs and chips. 

Mid-Afternoon Snack

We enjoy a group picnic at school at mid-afternoon every day. Our children are served a healthy snack.

We are privileged to have SPEECH THERAPISTS and an OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST on-site at school. 

If a learner is referred to our therapy support team, the class teacher and the therapists will work hand in hand to support the needs of the learner.

VISIT OUR WEBSITE: https://www.oakviewacademy.net | Telephone: 021 558 9232