Mary Poppins Children Centre

Mary Poppins Children Centre

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Caring for and educating children since 1986 in a warm, homely atmosphere!

• Full day care 07h00 to 18h00
• Half day care 07h00 to 13h30
• Nursery class (2 to 3 years)
• Educare class (3 to 4 years)
• Grade 0 class (4 to 5 years)
• Pre-school / Grade R (5 to school ready)
• After care offered for Wynberg Boys and Girls Junior School including holiday care from Grade R to Grade 7

All pupils are lovingly cared for by experienced, dedicated staff who enjoy a variety of activities with the children.
These include:

Movement & music ring
Group Activities
Art & Educational Activities
Discussion Groups
Story time
Educational games
Fantasy corner
Swimming mornings (in summer) & water play Outdoor equipment
Educational & fun shows and plays visit us regularly

In addition to these fun activities, the Pre-School/Grade R class benefit from the following school readiness programs:

Letterland - Pre-reading
Pre-Maths - number recognition, concept, basic addition
Stepping Stones


All parents receive a weekly agenda to enable you to continue discussions at home with your children.
In this way, you always know what your children are doing in their classes. All pupils receive four progress
reports during the year, at the end of each term. Parents are encouraged to attend "work in progress"
mornings to view children's work in classes, look at their workbooks and chat to the class teacher.
The Pre-School/Grade R pupils also complete a school readiness assessment.


If required, our Occupational Therapist will assist children with assessments and weekly sessions at our school.


Swimming lessons
Speech & Drama
Dancing lessons
All of these take place at our school.


All children (including after school care pupils) enjoy nutritious meals everyday and pudding 3 times a week (day care pupils only).
Later in the day, we serve a selection of whole wheat bread sandwiches, fruit & juice or rooibos tea in winter


We are able to offer after school care from the Wynberg Junior Schools because we are situated directly behind the Schools, just outside the gate leading from their sport fields. Because of our location, children can be collected by our staff, given lunch and returned to school for extra mural activities and collected afterwards. Tasty, nutritious meals are served to all pupils even after extra murals as well as a selection of whole wheat bread sandwiches, fruit & juice or rooibos tea in winter. Homework is supervised and signed.
Full time after care pupils enjoy the benefits of holiday care without any extra cost. They then become full day pupils and can arrive any time from 07h00.