Little Palace Nursery School

Little Palace Nursery School

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  • 28 Aerial Road
    Milnerton, Cape Town
    South Africa
  • Phone: 021 555 3809
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To groom our kids to be honest, self motivated, emotional and socially stable, focused but still have fun and be a child. To develop our kids and to encourage them to reach their full potential.

A good foundation means growth and stability.
To provide top level child care and education to our little ones.
To groom them into little stars of geniuses.
To attract and maintain customers.
To exceed the expectations of our clients.

Little Palace Nursery school is an organisation that provides a day care service to children from 3 months to 6 years. We provide an excellent place
for parents to leave their children to be taken care of. We offer excellent child care which a safe and secure.

Mon- Friday: 06:30am to 18:00 and school holidays
We will also provide a day to day care programme for those kids who only need care for (1) one or (2) two days.

Holiday programmes will also be done at the school to keep the kids busy after hard work during the school term. This will
help the kids to relax and enjoy the holidays since their parents have to work.

Little Palace nursery school is a place of care and teaching. We pride ourself to provide quality education. All our teachers will be qualified teachers with high
standards. Our teachers and assistants will need to comprise of the following characteristics. Loving, caring, tolerant, devoted, loyal and have excellent teaching skills. Our teachers devote themselves to develop our little ones trough life skills, communication, language, physical development, personal, emotional and social development.

All our staff will be equipped to perform First Aid and CPR. Our Cook on board will be responsible for the day to day planning of our kid's menu. The menu will
be designed to serve our client's needs, which will be a well balanced nutritional meal.
Kids will be served a breakfast, lunch and a late snack.


Additional Information

Contact Person 1: Gwenneth Samuels

Cellphone 1: 084 558 8509