Little House Montessori

Little House Montessori

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  • 78 Eighteenth Street
    Parkhurst, Johannesburg
    South Africa
  • Phone: 011-447-0291
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Little House Montessori Pre-school was established in a converted house in Parkhurst in 1998. We are a fully equipped Montessori school and follow the Montessori teaching philosophy. We have a capacity of 35 children and have 4 teachers.

Our hours are from 08:00 to 12:30, and we follow the private school terms (3 terms per year).
Music and gross-motor skills are included in our curriculum.

Our pre-school focuses on the individual needs of each child, and as a result, will cater for the wide range of interests and abilities that will be found in a group of children. The children work at their own pace, and are given the freedom to choose their own activities, but always within well-defined boundaries. This leads to the development of self-directed, purposeful and self-disciplined individuals both at school, and in time, in the home.

We accept children from two to six years old, and we thoroughly prepare the older children for more formal schooling in our Grade 0 programme. Over the past 15 years, we have adapted our approach slightly so that the children find it very easy to adapt to mainstream schooling when they go to primary school.


Additional Information

Contact Person 1: Sue Freeman

Cellphone 1: 083-353-9670