Little Feet Daycare

Little Feet Daycare

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4 months to 6 years full day and half day.

Registered ECD programme.

Aftercare for school going children.

We are open in all the school holidays and only close from 16th December to 1st working day in January.

We offer small classes which allows us to give lots of individual attention to each child.

We serve delicious cooked lunches, nutritious breakfasts and lovely fresh sandwiches with a choice of 5 different spreads.

The children are kept busy with art work, stories, learning their letters and numbers. They sing songs and do ball skills and balancing skills. They do theme work and are exposed to many different mediums during their creative activities.

There is free play time in our beautiful playground. We have jungle gyms, grassed areas (synthetic grass) paved areas for ball games etc. Lots of sand and during the summer we expose them to water play.

Our day is structured as follows:

06h30 – 08h00 – Free play in the classrooms
08h00 – 08h30 – Breakfast time
08h30 – 10h30 – Class activities
10h30 – 10h45 – Tea time
10h45 – 12h00 – Free play outside weather permitting
12h00 – 12h30 – Lunch time
12h30 – 14h30 – Sleep time for the under 5 year olds
                        Indoor play time for the 5 – 6 year olds
14h30 – 18h00 – Play time outside until they are picked up.