Lilliput Pre-Primary

Lilliput Pre-Primary

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Lilliput Pre-Primary School
(gestig – 1974 – established)
Grade 00: 3 - 4 years, Grade 0: 4 - 5 years, Grade R: 5 - 6 years.

- Qualified pre-primary teachers with full time assistants in each class. Our Grade R teachers are all CAPS trained.

- Affordable fees and fee structure

- Structured pre-primary programme and curriculum aiming at school readiness,
  * Writing, reading & mathematical ground skills
  * Developmental music and movement

- Children are self-motivated: developing own abilities and skills optimally at own pace

- Separate English and Afrikaans groups: aimed at mother tongue education

- Secure and safe environment

- Exceptionally large playground with abundant and stimulating apparatus

- Early and Aftercare (with cooked meals) + full day care during school holidays

Early care (extra) 06.30 – 07.30
aftercare room
School: 08.00 – 12.45 (except Friday we close at 12.30
School Doors open at 07.30
Bell rings 08.00 (school day starts)
AFTERCARE – Lilliput children only

Until 14.30 or 17.45
(regular aftercare children)
Fees cover daycare during holidays as well Only closed ± 3 to 4 weeks in December and January.

Focuses on development of the whole child to mature and to be SCHOOL READY: Emotionally, socially, physically, cognitively
It is structured but informal; learning through play; is geared at self-experimentation;
offers hands-on experiences;

It includes:-

A morning ring: discussing the date, weather, theme, sharing/acquiring information
Also practical numeracy and mathematical concepts, concentration;
Creative activities: developing fine motor skills needed for writing, task completion, perseverance, following instructions, using own initiative;
Music / Movement: improving e.g. listening and memory skills, rhythmic movement, gross motor ability, agility, balance, ball skills, coordination;
Free play: large muscle development; life skills: sharing, helping, taking turns, problem solving, confidence, independence, decision making;
Educational games & puzzles: stimulating visual perception, reasoning ability, following game rules, pre-mathematical and -reading skills;
Language enrichment and stories: improving literacy skills: vocabulary, sentence construction, listening ability, pronunciation, concentration, etc..
OUR VISION - To lay the foundation for each child to grow into an independent and responsible member of society.

ONS VISIE - Om die grondslag vir elke kind te lê om onafhanklik en selfstandig sy plek in die samelewing vol te kan staan.