Honey Pot Educare

Honey Pot Educare

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Monday to Friday – 7:00am to 17:30pm

Honey Pot Educare is a Christian based Educare school. We focus on a fusion of impeccable education and care for your child to ensure that your child has the best learning environment to foster educational and spiritual growth.

We focus on the emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual development of the children.

We are registered with the department of Social Development thereby ensuring that our curriculum is based on sound principles for nuturing and educating your child to the highest standards.

Our learning programme is based on learning through play and each of our fun filled activities have a learning element to it. Whether it is finger painting, playing ball or reading time each of our activities focuses on a core set of skills such as spatial awareness, creativity, critical thinking and speach. Just to name a few.

We welcome parents to come and visit our school and meet the teachers. You will be pleasently surprised at the love and care our teachers provide to our children.


Additional Information

Contact Person 1: Sandra Prinsloo

Contact Person 2: Megan Clench

Cellphone 1: 074 119 1411

Cellphone 2: 084 566 7745