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Flourish is a Learning Support and Development Centre run by qualified teachers who have specialised in Remedial Education. We focus on addressing the learning needs of Foundation Phase children.

We work with varying barriers to learning; we aim to address and support the learners in overcoming their difficulties in order to become an able and confident classroom participant.

Flourish is set in a welcoming, friendly environment that encourages learners to want to challenge themselves and excel in their learning.

We also offer extension sessions for gifted learners who want to be extended and challenged in their abilities in order to achieve top marks!

Flourish is a Learning Support and Development Centre dedicated to supporting learners in overcoming their various barriers to learning. We aim to foster their ability to be capable and confident participants both in the classroom, and in the world beyond.

Center Summary

Flourish is run by a team of qualified and passionate Foundation Phase teachers, overseen by myself, Fiona Frylinck, (B.ED Hons. Stel). We are committed to creating a structured, safe environment that breeds a positive learning ethos. This is achieved through positive social interactions, a balanced, tailored curriculum and attaining transferable life skills.

We are committed to a team approach when building a framework to support the child holistically. This framework includes our staff, the parents/ guardians, relevant therapists and linked professionals, working together to best understand and cater to the interests of the whole child. All children have access to the National Curriculum and Individual Education, Behaviour and Care Plans. These structures feed into the ultimate aim of the school, which is: the successful development of each child, demonstrated by positive reintegration into their home or family environments, appropriate schooling, and evidence of an independent and confident approach to learning.

Flourish is a welcoming, friendly environment. Our aim is to foster the desire in learners to challenge themselves, while excelling in their learning and as individuals in society. We make a specific commitment to the reintegration of our pupils and pursue their programs in whichever manner or modality is appropriate for them.


– Develop confident and capable young people.
– Presentation of an appropriate and differentiated curriculum, in a child influenced and appealing manner.
– Active interventions to encourage key players in the child’s experience to develop new ways of interacting with and growing the learners.
– Development of reintegration programs where appropriate.