First Steps Daycare

First Steps Daycare

Contact Information

A b o u t  F i r s t  S t e p s  D a y c a r e

We aim to develop a happy, well-adjusted child by attending to their individual needs and capabilities, in a stimulating and homely environment. 

Our premises are clean, safe and stimulating, with lots of different activities to keep little minds and bodies active.

Our staff are warm and nuturing, commited to loving and developing each individual

We are a Christian Daycare facility that includes prayers, songs and bible stories as part of the daily activities. 

We are open from 7:30am until 5:00pm.  

We accept ages 1 - 5 years.

Contact: 076 203 0584 /  021 531 0442

 F i r s t  S t e p s  D a i l y  R o u t i n e

Our daily routine is designed to keep little minds and bodies active and happy. No wonder the kids are tired in the evenings.

T h e m e s
We have weekly themes aimed at teaching children about the world around them.
The themes are designed around the children’s daily lives (eg. I’m special, my family and pets), special occasions (eg. Easter and Christmas) as well as teaching them basic educational concepts (eg. colours, numbers and shapes).  

We have daily craft activities that fit with the theme.  These activites expose the children to different art mediums and help them develop their fine motor co-ordination.  

R o u t i n e
7.30 - School Opens
9.00 - Ring Time and Craft Activity
10.00 - Snack Time
10.30 - Outside Play Time
11.30 - Clean up and Story time
11.45 - Lunch Time
12.00 - Sleep Time
14.00 - Outside Play Time
15.00 - Snack Time
15.30 - Clean up and Story time
16.00 - Aftercare
17.00 - School Closes

M e n u
We provide a well-balanced, cooked lunch everyday which includes salad/vegetables and fresh fruit. Our 'kiddy-friendly' meals include spaghetti bolognese, macaroni cheese, bangers and mash, meatballs and potato wedges and fish fingers.  We have two snack times during the day in which kids enjoy healthy snacks sent from home.