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Crazy Concepts is an importer and distributor of quality playground equipment and toys. All our designs are based on the characteristics that children will enjoy! Our driving force is to promote the physical and mental progress of every child, challenge their abilities and promote imaginative play. We want to supply a genuine pleasure with new, exciting and fun equipment. 

At Crazy Concepts, we want to create playgrounds and play areas that children find simply irresistible. We specialise in indoor and outdoor play and would love to assist you in creating your dream play area, unique to your business, school or park. We have a range of products that can complement your play area in numerous ways. From traditional Jungle Gyms to commercial high-end play structures. We have stand-alone items that can complement any playground or garden as well as toy ranges for home use.

We also distribute children’s toys and playground equipment to retail stores throughout the country and pride ourselves on the quality of our ranges.

Ranges include products from The Step2® Company, one of the largest American manufacturers of preschool and toddler toys.

Playground equipment includes products from HAGS - Sweden and jungle gym accessories from Belgium. Original and attractive playground accessories are specifically designed to stimulate children in their development and social skills through play and to provide a wide range of play opportunities in a safe home or commercial environment.

The play structures also have the necessary safety certificates. 

Due to our direct contact with the factories, we can design child safe products according to our customer’s unique requirements.
Our wide variety of products ensures customer satisfaction through and through and allows us to cater for private individuals, schools, shopping centres, play parks and corporates at the same time.

Although based in Cape Town, we supply, deliver and install anywhere in the country.

We also offer a maintenance program. 

Please get in touch with us and allow us to build your dream play area!


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Contact Person 1: Lizelle du Toit

Cellphone 1: 082 826 1786