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Welcome to Building Blocks Occupational Therapy Centre

Building Blocks Occupational Therapy is an independent Occupational Therapy Practice that has a special interest in paediatrics and adolescents, offering Ayres Sensory Integration® and DIRFloortime® intervention.

We offer specific knowledge in Tomatis®, DIR Floortime®, Interactive Metronome®, Sensory Integration and Makaton.

 We aim to develop the foundational building blocks in order for children and adolescents to be able to grow and engage optimally in their home, school and social environments. Every child & adolescent is unique and has potential. We are dedicated to building strong therapeutic relationships while journeying with you and your child, and to equipping them with the necessary tools to thrive. We may work with Schools, Teachers and other Health Professionals during this journey.

Some of the areas that we assist in may include the following:

Midline crossing and bilateral integration delays (dominance, directionality, body skills)
Postural Control
Motor planning difficulties / Dyspraxia
Fine Motor Development (pencil grasp, handwriting, drawing, cutting, object manipulation)
Visual-Perceptual Skills (reading, writing, numerical skills, memory)
Developmental delays
Spectrum disorders
Socio-emotional challenges
Planning and organisational skills
Executive functioning
Attention and concentration difficulties
Study Skills
Delayed independence in activities of daily living (toileting, dressing, eating, play participation).
Sensory processing difficulties and disorders
Gross Motor Skills (Balancing, ball skills, Co-ordination)

Helping individuals to realise their highest potential through building a foundation

Through one on one tutoring an individual is given the tools and confidence to perform at their best and their academic abilities are strengthened.