Alice's Wonder Slime

Alice's Wonder Slime

Contact Information

Hi, I’m Alice. I am 9 years old and I just loooooove slime.  Mom fell in love with slime too, and now we’re a dream team!  We’re constantly coming up with new ideas and trying all sorts of interesting fun things with the aim to make slime without the grime! We have managed to make beautiful, fun Wonder Slime that doesn’t leave a mess. That’s what makes us different!

We use between 8 and 14 ingredients in our various recipes! This is not your average You Tube Slime!  We make 5 different textures: Original Slime, Butter Slime, Crystal Slime, Cloud Slime and Mellow Slime and we have an awesome mixed texture called Swirl Slime which is my personal favourite! No need for extra Borax, just play play play!  And best of all, it’s so cheap you can buy it with your pocket money!

Visit our website here for our online slime shop and to see our You Tube Videos

Our Slime Parties and Workshops
We host super awesome fun Slime Parties and Slime making Workshops in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban.  We set-up, entertain for an hour and clean up while mom can relax.  You’ll get to make our unique Surf’s Up Slime which uses only kid friendly products, never flops and looks and smells amazing.  On our website you can also order a Surf's Up DIY kit or even some slime making supplies!

Visit our website here for more information on our Slime Parties and Workshops